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Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing Information

Florida Bass Fishing Information

As a Bass fishing guide in Central and South Florida and professional tournament angler for more than 25 years, I've learned one very important thing. Florida Bass fishing is completely different than it is in any other part of the country.

I grew up, like any other avid Bass fisherman, watching bass fishing shows and reading Bass Master's Magazine. I remember all the articles about fishing "backs of creeks" at this time of year, "secondary points" another time of year, "main lake humps" when the water temperatures get to here, etc... I'd fill my mind with all this information, and hit the water with great expectations. Usually, after hours of unproductive fishing, I'd just resort back to my usual spots and catch a few fish the same way I did time and time before. I'd go home thinking that all the new informationGuy with Big Florida Largemouth Bass from Kissimmee Chain of Lakes I'd learned was just some nonsense made up to fill magazine pages, or to eat up 30 minutes of television time.

I could not understand why the patterns and techniques I learned rarely, or never, worked... Until I began traveling around the country, fishing the FLW Tour & BassMaster's Southern Opens. It was then that I quickly realized all the stuff I read and watched on TV did work... Just not in Florida. I'll try to explain.

Why is Florida Bass Fishing different than anywhere else?

Truth is, I don't know. It just is. In Florida, we primarily "Spot Fish". Bass do have different patterns throughout the year, but mainly we spot fish. I remember an FLW tournament I fished serveral years ago at Beaver Lake in Arkansas. I found a wad Spotted Bass in the 2 - 3 pound range on two separate windy points. On these two points, I could catch a 10 - 14 pound, 5 fish limit in about 1 hour, using a Deep Little N crank bait. As far as I was concerned, the $200,000 first prize was mine. Well the first morning of the tournament, the 20mph West wind we had experienced for four straight days had turned into a 2mph light and variable wind. That didn't really concern me because I had found a great "spot", right? Nope. As soon as the wind had stopped blowing across those points, the fish left and suspended out in about 40 feet of water. It was the wind that was holding the bait fish there, and the wind that was making those big Spotted Bass stack up against the points. No wind, no fish!

If I would've been in that same situation on a Florida lake, I would've been okay. Instead, I weighed in 3 Bass the whole tournament. I've fished all over Central and South Florida. I was a fishing guide at Roland Martin's Marina on Lake Okeechobee from 1997 - 2002. I've been guiding on Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain since then. Over the years, I have found good spots to fish on these bodies of water that will work whether it's the dead of winter, or in the middle of the hot summer. There are spots on Lake Toho that I fish all 12 months of the year. Here in Florida, it just depends on what the fish want to do. They're either going to bite, or they're not going to bite.

How do you find good spots to fish for Bass in Florida?

There are several ways to look for good Bass fishing spots in Florida. I'll list just a few of the most common.

  1. Look for bait: Look for bait fish on the surface, or look for bait fish on you depth finder. No bait fish. No Bass.
  2. Look for Bass boats: I'm just being honest here. If you launch you boat on a beautiful Saturday morning and there's 50 Bass boat trailers already in the parking lot, you're probably not going to be fishing in a secret spot no one else knows about. If you see a grass bed with several boats scattered around, it can only mean one thing... There's fish in that grass bed. Be courteous, however. Don't move right in on top of other anglers. First come, first serve...
  3. Fish to your strengths: Just because you just watched a fishing show where someone was catching monster Bass "slow rolling a 1/2 ounce white/chartreuse spinner bait" doesn't mean that you're going to load your boat doing the same thing. If you haven't been on your favorite Florida lake in a while, and you're a good crank bait fisherman, you should probably start out fishing with a crank bait. This is the bait you'll have the most confidence in, and confidence is the key.
  4. Water clarity: This all depends on the body of water. If the pond, lake, or river you're fishing usually has relatively clear water, you're going to find it more difficult to catch fish if the water is muddy. Look for clearer water.

Want to Learn how to fish for Bass in Florida?

Through my Bass guide service, I specialize in teaching my customers the proper techniques for targeting the elusive Florida Largemouth Bass. Flipping and pitching, crank baiting, spinner baiting, top water, plastic worms... Whatever your desire, I'll teach you. Want learn how to properly cast a bait casting reel? I can teach you that, as well. Just call (407) 580-8458 or email chuck@chucksguideservice.com.


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